The Bengali Filmmakers

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What is Bengali filmmakers? What is your service all about?

The Bengali Filmmakers is a creative initiative by a group of friends with knacks of storytelling and curiosity of exploring things around us through visual medium. This initiative is now slowly pacing towards an emerging innovative production company. We try to create short-documentary videos, art films, promotional videos and short visual narratives which are unique in content and visually pleasing.

How did you get started?

Our first ever project is called “Are You Happy? Dhaka Bangladesh”. On this project we went out on the streets asking random pedestrians if they were happy right at that moment and we came up with very interesting answers. The video went viral within the first few days of release and was later featured in The Huffington Post and Dhaka Tribune. We received overwhelming number of responses and feedback from within Bangladesh and abroad and we decided that we should keep creating such unique videos as a team, hence we came up with The Bengali Filmmakers.

How is your service different?

The Bengali Filmmakers about constant practice to change the constant. We love working on projects which not only carries a unique perspective but also has the ability to value human relations. Not only we try to establish a form of communication with the audience through our work but we also emphasize on building outstanding relationships on the process with these audiences and the people we work with. We find that the best end results comes from working or collaborating with like-minded people who can add bits of ideas into an existing idea while we’re working on it, be it a self-initiated project or a commercial work, we love to keep the same approach always.

What is your target market? How large is it?

The creative industry in Bangladesh itself is very small and for us it is quite early to set a chart of target market before gaining a proper understanding of the industry and its functionality. We are learning every day and to mention concisely we’re targeting companies, organizations, clothing lines etc. who value unique ideas can trust young people like us to execute and transform these ideas into moving images. To our understanding so far the target market for us may not be large enough yet but we will definitely try our best to work our way up keeping it significant. Hence small but significant.

What milestones do you wish to reach within the next 6 months? 12 months?

We wish to achieve so many things by the next year or so but these things take time. One of our members is sketching up plans to work on a web-series but that’s not confirm yet as these kinds of projects are fairly long term and demands gigantic amount of research and pre-production work. We would love to travel outside of Bangladesh to tell a story of a different place and a different culture through a travel video. On the other hand from a commercial perspective, we hope to shoot one or two TVCs.

Why did you choose to do a startup?

We can’t really say that we’ve actually (by definition) “chosen” to do a startup yet. We’ve been creating these projects on our own and trying to send you our works to viewers via social media and through friends, and as more and more people started discovering our work, more work offers started coming in little by little and before we knew it we were looking towards a self-generated startup initiative.

What advice would you give to other startups?

Since we are fairly new in the game, for us it’s a matter of time and loads of wall punching before we can actually give out advices to other startups. We are just starting out and there is one very basics rule which we always love to follow and that is, it’s very important to never give up. And if your work is your passion then half of your job is already done.


Details coming soon :)